15 Jan


InĀ 2013, GH2HG donated $50,000 worth of medical supplies to the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad, Pakistan. These supplies will be in use for those who can not afford medical care and in need for medical treatments.

04 May


GH2HG donated $50,000 medical/hospital supplies and medications to the Michigan Chapter of the American-Syrian Medical Association. The supplies were delivered by the Michigan Chapter to aid Syrian refugees in camps along the Turkish-Syrian border to assist the Syrian people during their deep crisis.

12 Apr


In 2011, Generate Help to Heal Generations sent medical supplies to Ghana with a professor from Michigan State University. The medical supplies were greatly appretiated and GH2HG recieved very positive feedback.

09 Jan


In 2011, GH2HG sent it’s first shippment to Yucatan, Mexico. The medical supplies were used to help people who really needed it and can’t afford medical help. Before sending the supplies GH2HG met with MSU college of Osteopathic medicine and the Mexican officials including the Health Minister.