Generate Help to Heal Generations is a student run organization that sends medical supplies to countries in need. GH2HG was founded and is currently run in Michigan State University.


We categorize and sort medical supplies every Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the basement of West Fee Hall, stop by anytime in between!

Our Vision

A woman dies every NINE minutes around the globe due to lack of medical supplies. So we want to change the world! And this is our vision for it:

“We dream of a world with no suffering from treatable conditions through improving health and advocating for social justice.”

What we do?

American hospitals waste thousands of tons of medical supplies every day. This includes unused sterile medical supplies and fully functional equipment discarded for regulatory reasons. GH2HG collects and redistributes these supplies to match the specific needs of hospitals in the developing world.

  1. Collect: GH2HG collects medical supplies and equipment from American hospitals. We also accept donations from individuals.
  2. Sort: MSU student volunteers inspect, test and inventory the supplies and equipment. We discard the supplies that do not meet our stringent standards.
  3. Ship: Supplies are shipped in containers to hospitals in developing countries.
  4. Deliver: We build partnerships on the ground to ensure that the supplies reach the hospitals as planned. Every container we have shipped has reached its destination.